50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade Business

50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade Business

50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade Business

If you’re interested in starting a handmade business, a quality craft room is a must. Whether you’re interested in jewelry making or woodworking, such a space can help you effectively store your supplies and inventory while also giving you a dedicated space to hone your creative skills.

When you’re setting up your crafts business, having an organized and inspiring spot to work is key. Here are 50 craft room ideas to get you started.

Craft Room Ideas Vintage Inspired Decor

Having a theme for the decor in your craft room can help it feel like a cohesive space. There are tons of vintage accents that make a perfect home in a crafty space.

Accent Wall Accent WallPhoto Credit: madebymood.com

If you want to add some exciting visuals into your craft room without overwhelming the space, consider an accent wall in a bright paint color or patterned wallpaper.

Ambient Lighting

The lighting can make a major impact on the vibe of a room, and task lighting over desks or underneath cabinets can also help your projects.

Photo Collages 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: Oh Happy Day

Running a craft business requires constant inspiration. Keep yours top of mind with a colorful photo collage right behind your desk.

Products on Display

Your handmade goods can pull double duty as decor for your craft room thanks to wall mounted shelves.

Bulletin Board Bulletin BoardPhoto Credit: Flickr

You can also constantly change out your inspiration by mounting bulletin boards around your craft room.

Decorative Letters

Another decorative element you can add to your space, craft some letters that spell out something significant to your business, like “art” or your company name.

Craft Room for Kids 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: abduzeedo.com

With a few simple adjustments or extra pieces of furniture, you can turn your craft room into a space that works for the whole family.

Chalkboard Paint

A large chalkboard can help you brainstorm and organize ideas. You can also cover a wall with chalkboard paint to accomplish this.

Abstract Collage Abstract CollagePhoto Credit: Infarrantly Creative

If you want to add some color and texture to your walls without painting them, consider a large scale collage like this one.

Gallery Wall

To adorn the walls of your craft room with all of your favorite artists, set up a gallery wall with framed pieces.

Logo Wall Hanging 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: logoprint.biz

Put the name of your business front and center in your craft room with a custom made wall hanging.

Closet Craft Room

If you don’t have a full room to work with, consider placing a small desk and some built-in shelves inside a closet and use that for your projects.

Wall Calendar Wall CalendarPhoto Credit: Oh Happy Day

Keep all your craft projects and business tasks front and center with a giant wall calendar that’s featured prominently.

Color Coordinated Craft Room

If you love color and want to keep tons of different supplies in your space, consider laying out your craft room according to the colors of the rainbow.

Craft Room Organization Built-in Shelves 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!

If you want to keep a ton of storage on hand, floor to ceiling shelves are the way to go.

Overhead Cabinets

For those who want to keep their storage more enclosed, you could repurpose kitchen cabinets.

Pegboard PegboardPhoto Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

A pegboard can give you storage for everything from scissors to yarn. And you can paint it the color or pattern of your choice.

Open Shelving

You can also mount smaller shelves to the wall for an open look.

Fabric Wall Organizer 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: Spoonflower

This DIY fabric organizer is perfect for holding small craft supplies right on your wall.

Upcycled Can Storage

Store things like pens, paint, and knitting needles in small recycled cans that you’ve painted or covered in paper or fabric.

Labeled Drawers Labeled DrawersPhoto Credit: jennifermaker.com

Whether you have drawers on your desk or elsewhere, custom labels can help you stay organized.

Hanging Buckets

Put up a rack that includes small hanging buckets or bins to keep your most-used supplies easily accessible.

Curtain Rods 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: jennifermaker.com

Curtain rods and hangers can pair up to provide easily accessible storage for papers or other light items.

Magazine Racks

Magazine racks are perfect for storing papers or small, flat objects in your craft room.

Fabric Bins Fabric BinsPhoto Credit: The Craft Patch

For those who need storage but want to stick to a specific color scheme, consider purchasing or making fabric bins.

Clear Jars

If you need craft room storage for tiny items like buttons or patches, clear jars are the perfect solution.

Wooden Bins 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: Lolly Jane

For those who want a rustic look in their craft room, recycled wooden bins like these could work.


Baskets can help you keep various supplies or inventory out of sight.

Ribbon Rolls Ribbon RollsPhoto Credit: organizeyourstuffnow.com

If you have a lot of ribbon or any supplies that are kept on spools, a rolling storage solution like this may be helpful.


If you need craft room ideas for fabric, consider leaning a ladder against the wall and draping your supplies over it.

Clothespin Art Display 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: Atlanta Parent

For those who need to store artwork, keep it on your wall by stringing them up on clothespins along a piece of wire or twine.

Clothes Hangers

Skirt hangers or pants hangers can also hold fabric or artwork, especially if you have a closet or clothes rack in your craft room.

Closet Door Storage Closet Door StoragePhoto Credit: The Container Store

If you have access to a closet, or even the back of a door, mount small wire shelves to hold small supplies.

Magnetic Strip

To store metal pieces like scissors or needles, hang up a magnetic strip above your desk.

Craft Room Furniture Basic Desk

A desk is essential for pretty much any kind of craft workspace.

Desk With Shelving 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

If you want a workspace and storage in one, consider a desk that has shelves on the side.

Standing Desk

You might prefer to do some of your crafting while standing up, using either a standing desk or adjustable desk.

Kitchen Island Kitchen IslandPhoto Credit: HGTV

A detached kitchen island can actually serve as a standing workstation and storage in one.

Oversized Table

A large table can also serve as your crafting area, especially if you work on large scale projects or collaborate with others.

Dresser 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: HGTV

A basic dresser can be the perfect solution for holding fabric, yarn, or other supplies.

Folding Table

If you don’t have a ton of space to work with, you might consider using a table that has a leaf that folds down.

Card Catalog Card CatalogPhoto Credit: momhomeguide.com

For storing small supplies, you might repurpose an old card catalog or piece of furniture with lots of tiny drawers.

Coat Rack

A hanging coat rack can help you store a variety of supplies that you want to keep easily accessible.

Shoe Rack 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: favecrafts.com

A shoe rack can also be perfect for storing things like yarn or completed inventory.

File Cabinet

Your craft business probably also has tons of documents that you need to keep safe using a file cabinet.

Rolling Cart Rolling CartPhoto Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

If you want to keep your supplies accessible from all parts of your room, a rolling cart can really come in handy.

Rolling Chair

Similarly, a rolling chair can help you easily move around your craft room to work on various projects.

Console Table 50 Craft Room Ideas for Your Handmade BusinessPhoto Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

A console table or entertainment unit can provide extra storage and display opportunities.

Glass Front Cabinet

If you want to store items but still keep them visible, a glass front cabinet provides the best of both worlds.

Image: Depositphotos.com

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