Ways to boost your immune system to fight off coronavirus

Ways to boost your immune system to fight off coronavirus

Easy ways to boost your immune system to fight off coronavirus

It is important to have strong body defence against foreign microorganism. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi may causes various infection.

Thus the role of immune system is so important to fight infection and speed up healing process.

Our immune system consist of tissues, cells and organ. Together they form a network to protect our body.If this system weaken, we are susceptible to various illness such as flu, colds, and of course the current pandemic novel coronavirus infection.

What can you take to boost your immune system

Vitamins that boost immune system

Vitamin is significant part in immune system response and adaptive immune response.

Vitamin C is no doubt one of the most important diet needed by our body.It boost the immune system response to the invading pathogens.

Vitamins B6,B12,D, zinc,and iron further improves our immune function at it best by keeping our cell healthy.

However, the vitamins do not stay in the body for long. It immediately excreted from the body. So,it is adviceable to take vitamins everyday.

Other supplement to boost immune system

Do you know that eighty percent of our immune system is in our digestive tract.This mean, we need a supplement that can strengthen our immune system and gastrointestinal system.


Probiotic is derived from the Greek word, meaning for life.Probiotics are bacteria in our digestive tract. According to medicinenet.com, probiotics is live microorganisms (usually bacteria) that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut that are taken as dietary supplements or found in foods.’

Probiotics help to absorb nutrients, fight infection and destroy pathogents.It stimulate cell growth, regulate immune system, and essential to fermentation and decomposition of indigestible substances.

The benefit of probiotic also help in healing process in various acute and chronic infectious diseases.

Chlorine, food contain antibiotic, medication or dangerous food production technique may destroy probiotics and other beneficial bacteria.This create imbalance in our body system.

Thus, it is important to replenish probiotic to put back the balance in our digestive tract.One way to replenish probiotics back into your digestive tract is by consuming probiotics supplement.

Browtrol Probiotic is one of top probiotics supplement in the market.It contain 9 billion probiotics in each capsule. It is natural, glutent free, dairy free, and vegetarian which made it an excellent choice for health- conscious.

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Of course there are some other foods that boost our immune system. But, by improving the dietery on vitamins and probiotics is sufficient to strenghten our body defence basic needs.


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