This real-life Transformer might be one of the coolest robot toys ever made

I’ve always desired playthings that have more than encounters the eye. Hidden spring-loaded missiles. Secret moves in my LEGO causes. And of course, Transformers playthings. But while many of the best dolls rely on a health ingenuity, it always felt like the Transformers were a little too slow for make-believe tussles and undertakings; the good ones made far longer to turn into a robot than they did in the show.

That’s why I’m unfortunate I didn’t personally attend Ces in Las Vegas this year — where you can see an informal Transformer toy that changes from car to robot all by itself. You can literally say “Transform, ” one of several expression authorities, and the Robosen T9 will do so.

And that’s just the beginning: with 22 programmable servo…

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