These People All Saw ‘Frozen 2’ & Can’t Stop Singing the ‘Ahhs’

These People All Saw 'Frozen 2' & Can't Stop Singing the 'Ahhs'

If you see the new movie Frozen 2, chances are you’re going to leave the theater with one thing in your heard: “Ahh-ahh, ooh-ooh.”

Throughout the movie, Idina Menzel‘s Elsa hears a voice in her head and it’s always the same “Ahh-ahh” call. You can hear it constantly throughout the song “Into the Unknown.”

Lots of Frozen 2 fans have been tweeting about the phrase getting stuck in their heads after watching the movie and we gathered a bunch of them here. The phrase is sung by Norwegian singer Aurora and she was credited on the film’s soundtrack.

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Rule: if someone does the frozen 2 siren call you MUST return it.


— Ricky DeVito Jr. (@RickyDevito) November 24, 2019


Ahh Ahh frozen in my head 🤯

— /abːrawr/ (@amirul_abrar) November 27, 2019


I can’t stop “ahh ahh” after watching frozen 2 shit HAHAHAHA

— 𝙺𝚊𝚒 (@Kayluuuuuh) November 26, 2019

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me for the next months after watching frozen 2: ahh ahhhh ahh ahhhhhh ah ahhhh ahh ahhhh

— YOONGI BERET (@FANCYKROSMOS) November 25, 2019


no one: me after watching Frozen 2 : Ahhh ᴬʰʰ

— Celeste Ramirez (@celeste_blue03) November 26, 2019


it could be the fact i’ve already seen frozen 2 twice but i have into the unknown STUCK AND CEMENTED in my head! i’ve been aHH AH Ah AHHHing all over the place

— must b love! (@faithluevanos) November 26, 2019


Looking for a vocal coach

I have the sole goal of being able to nail the ahh ahhh AHHH AHHH

In frozen 2’s soundtrack songs

— Maybe: Jeff (@jeffreybraswell) November 25, 2019


frozen II yes its overhyped but fuck it deserve the hypeJust the soundtrack alone was amazing, plus the elsa solo ah ahH aHHHhh gave me chilLLs

— robyn (@wobyn1) November 26, 2019


I can’t stop “ahh ahh” after watching frozen 2 shit

— Dahlia (@iamdirah_) November 26, 2019


Me after watching frozen “Ah ahh ahh ahhhhhh”

— Aishi (@aisyneel_) November 25, 2019


Everywhere I go I now hear kids singing the “ah ah ahh” from Frozen 2

— Jes 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️ (@JessicaSinodis) November 23, 2019


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