The new World Cup uniforms for every country

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Soccer( or football, depending on where you are in the world) isn’t just the beautiful tournament on the tone, it’s often a stylish one as well. As the world’s most popular recreation, and one play back just about every country, soccer regaliums naturally come in a massive display of vogues and hues.

This year’s World Cup will certainly be no exception to that settle. Team’s like Brazil will be going with a simple hitherto classic designing, a yellow-bellied shirt with off-color shorts, while Germany’s uniforms to the ones from its 1990 World Cup-winning squad. Meanwhile, units such as Nigeria and Iceland have gone for a chic, modern vibe.

Below is a look at the brand-new regaliums for every country.

Argentina Home Kit Photo courtesy of Adidas Argentina Away Kit Photo courtesy of Adidas Australia Home Kit Photo courtesy of Nike See the rest of the storey at Business Insider

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