The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Freelance Business

The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Freelance Business

The Importance of Video Marketing for Your Freelance Business

Video and commerce tour hand-in-hand, just like bangers and mince.

In this ever-changing digital marketing world, video undeniably remains a clear-cut winner as the most used medium around the internet.

For one simple reason, customers crave a time-saving option.

In this digital world, clients elevate a medium where they can not only read about the make and existing it in their curiosity, but they also want to get the visual that demonstrates how to use it.

This behaviour presents big opportunities for businesses to take advantage of it.

It’s no bombshell that almost every business situated videos on their commerce arsenal- from a small business to a big corporation.

Now, it’s your time to boost your freelance marketing expedition with video sell.

If you’re still on the fence about it, these video marketing statistics for 2020 will convince you.

Video Marketing Statistics for 2020: The Crowd that Every Freelancer Should Know

Over the last few years, the numbers in video market statistics have been careening.

Fueled by the rise of social media, video veers testify no signaling of putting an end to.

Online video consumption double-faceds every year- obliging it obviou that video is undeniably inseparable in human rights.

Hence, at least 78% of internet users watch online videos every week, while 55% of them watch it every day.

And 59% of executives would rather watch the video rather than read the text content, while 65% of them are more likely to visit the place applicable to a video they’ve ended on YouTube.

With that increasing demand, it’s no astound that 93% of businesses increase brand-new customers as a result of announcing a video on social media.

It too comes as no surprise that more than 81% of businesses from different industries have been using video material as their commerce tool, and 99% of them are satisfied with their ROI.

Look at these multitude below to get more reassured 😛 TAGEND Video Marketing Statistics

After you read all the essential statistics above, are you sure you still want to stick to those out-dated marketing procedures?

Spice Up Your Freelance Business With Video

The tough component about running a freelance business is that you’re not only selling your services but too have to sell yourself too.

Therefore it’s essential to show what you’re capable of doing instead of writing long paragraphs to tell about yourself.

No matter how much you want to deny it, the majority of members of your buyers nowadays no longer have enough time and persistence to read through all the things you’ve written down on your website.

That’s where video material is a must-have tool for your freelance business to reach more clients.

Video is the best way to go to show your clients what you can do and why you’re the privilege person to work with them- in a convincing, employing way.

Since it speaks louder than a thousand utterances, video allows you to connect with your client on a more personal degree. This is a smart way to develop trust-building.

It can also act like your 24/7 salesman that continuously pushes you and your freelance business.

So, where do you start?

We’re going to dive into some indispensables know-how to start your video marketing campaign for your freelance business.

#1. Type of Videos Best Types Of Videos

Every type of video is peculiar, like a snowflake.

Each of them has a particular impact on your business and your digital marketing approaches.

There are so many different types of videos out there, from how-to to explainers, demo videos, and beyond. If I mention them all, it will make pages.

It comes as no surprise that most purveyors strive when it comes to deciding what type of video will provide the most value to the audience and give the most extensive reach.

An excellent way to start choosing the right type of video for your business is knowing your goal.

And as a freelancer, I bet that boosting your online visibility so that you can reach more patrons is one of your top priorities.

In this case, you can rely on promo videos. It allows you to increase traffic to your website or asset-specific landing sheets that can lead generation.

You can create an introductory video by storytelling about the various kinds of directs you can offer, the style of your works, whom you’ve worked with, etc.

Promotional Marketing Videos

If you’re a freelance craftsman, you can put your portfolio in a video.

Show off to your buyer how you get your work done, where those abilities, devotion, and sweat go into each piece.

Since promo videos are practical implements to increase brand awareness, it’s essential to bear in mind that you better portray your service in a positive ignite and persuade capability clients to work with you.

Besides, you can also use customer testimonial videos to build trust between you and your possible consumers.

It’s a shrewd way to record the client video commendations and announce them on your web or social media to spawn your business trustworthy.

Customer Testimonials Video

As you might previously know, customer trust and loyalty are a worthwhile goal for any business and essential factors to keep the business running in the long-term.

There you have it. Those two types of videos are the best go-to to leverage your freelance business.

#2. What Do Your Clients Value Most? Google Video Carousel

Running a freelance business is all about the clients- attaining them, persuasion them to hire you, and delivering work on time to them.

It’s safe to say that buyers are the lifeblood of your freelance business. Not be noted that your paycheck mostly relies on them.

The best move to get them is to know them better.

Research them. What style of work they are most likely interested in, what kind of service they like best, what kind of quality they’re searching for, etc.

While making your videos, it’s essential to include the “values” that your target purchasers are expecting so you can grab their scrutiny from the get-go.

The fascinating thing is that once you grab their scrutiny, there’s a higher chance of getting them to convert into your loyal clients.

#3. Choosing the Right Platforms Best Video Marketing Platform 2020

Now that you know what your consumers are searching for, the next help identify them.

Choosing the right programme to announce your video is another crucial thing so that you can reach your patrons cost-effectively.

All video scaffolds seem to sound good on paper, and if it’s your first time on launching your video proximity, it’s reasonable to get anxious to weigh in your freelance business’ probable needs.

That’s being said, according to the latest video marketing statistics, social media are promising directs to share your videos. Only look at these staggering numerals below 😛 TAGEND 1.5 billion YouTube users watch a 1 billion hour video daily on the pulpit alone.Users watch about 10 billion videos on Snapchat every day.More than 75 million Facebook useds watch video content each day.At least 800 Instagram monthly active users watch video material regularly.Video purveyors that announce their videos on LinkedIn claimed to have 82% end rates.

Those fascinating counts surely originate you don’t want to ignore the social media influence to post your freelance business market business videos.

With those big lists, there’s an enormous possibility that your buyers are straying around there.

Considering videos can assist you in rank higher on Google search results, putting your video on your landing page is a must too.

#4. Join the Club! Video Marketing Company Belfast

It might sound like a no-brainer. But Joining with your community is another excellent move to continually learn and share some gratuities on how to win more programmes, including what to do with your video marketing campaign.

Associating with a group of people who share the same interests is a unique way for you to get inspired and get feedback on the videos you’re starting to promote your freelance business.

It helps you to stay updated in the video market life and learn and share knowledge.

Not to mention that it also feigns you seeing continuous progress in crafting your video material to grocery your freelance business along the way, especially if you’re new to the video campaign.

The stronger the community you have, the highest the hazard you’ll get to have your video content spread out all around the internet.

That makes more potential patrons are on their way to find you!

Wrapping Up

Video has become a core part of every company’s overall marketing.

It’s not the notoriety that constructs every business jump into the video marketing campaign; it’s the effectiveness of it.

As a savvy freelancer, you sure don’t want to miss this big opening.

In a digital ball that only comes louder every day, you need to jump into video marketing to cut through the noise.

Even though video commerce is not yet the most straightforward task to do, it’s worth all the efforts you put into it.

If you’re still on the fence about it, these Video Marketing Statistics for 2020 will persuade you to start mapping out your strategy and get your freelance business off the ground.

video marketing statistics for 2020

Author Bio: Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He facilitates occupations increase transition paces, close more marketings and get positive ROI from explainer videos( in that order ).

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

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