The effects of food on the brain

Did you know that the brain is the most powerful organ in your body? It controls how you think feel and act. This incredible organ is mostly made of fats that we call lipids. Around a third of these lipids are made up of brain essential omega-3 fatty acids. We need these omega-3s for a healthy brain structure, the same way we need calcium for healthy bones. Without them your brain will not work properly. Omega-3 fats are crucial for the creation and maintenance of cell membranes. They speed up the way information is processed, helping you to concentrate better.

But they also affect how you feel. It’s no surprise that with low omega-3 levels you’re more likely to suffer from mood swings, or even be aggressive, than people with normal levels. The only problem is your body has trouble getting these omega-3 fats on its own. So how can you get these essential omega-3 fats? Easy! By eating them! The best sources are fish and seafood.

Oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines. But next to fats, you also need vitamins and minerals. You can find them in fish, fruit and veggies. Aim to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every week. Take care of your brain, and your soon see you’ll feel better, look better, and even perform better. So what are you waiting for? Get started today! .