Shocking footage shows ‘abusive thug’ headbutt girl, 14, and threaten to cut dog’s throat after scared teen hid camera

A GIRL fed up of her misuse demands reportedly being discounted set a secret cameras which recorded a serviceman headbutting her.

The 14 -year-old then passed sovereignties two videos which are said to have captivated her abuser also threatening to cut her dog’s throat in a house in Florida.

The footage shows the man round on the girl in a Florida houseThe footage shows the man round on the girl in a Florida houseYouTube The girl can be seen to have been headbutted by her alleged abuserThe girl can be seen to have been headbutted by her suspect abuserYouTube Damon Becnel is accused of child and animal abuseDamon Becnel is accused of child and animal abuseOkaloosa County Jail View

This has led to Damon Becnel, 47, being charged with child and animal cruelty.

The footage the teen handed over testified Becnel in a room and two pups, police said.

The man can be heard screaming about one of the dogs not obeying him while the panic-stricken daughter baby-sit on a chair.

He was then filmed drumming the dog before pulling out what appeared to be a knife before threatening to slit the pet’s throat.

Becnel yelled: “I will trim this f *** ing dog’s eyeballs out, I’ll f *** ing do it.”


The distressed teen screamed and lunged at Becnel when he abruptly grabbed the dog by the neck and hurled to the ground.

Becnel is also accused of then grabbing the teen by the hair.

The footage later depicted Becnel shouting into the young girl’s face as she was backed up against a wall.

The man was then filmed headbutting the teenage, beginning her to strike her president against the wall.

As he did this, he screamed: “’I know more than you do. Stop thinking you know everything.”

The girl then wailed: “Why are you so abusive to me? ”

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After the footage came to light, the girl’s mom, who does not have detention of the girl, said her daughter had been trying to report the physical abuse for several years but approvals didn’t believe her.

She told NBC1 5: “Nothing was done. Nothing has ever been done to help my daughter.

“She utterly knew that something bad was going to happen and none would believe her unless “shes had” that on film.”

The mom said the girl spawned the plan to install the covert cameras to gather evidence.

She said: “She is one strong and one smart-alecky “girls ” and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

The footage shows what appears to be traumatic abuseThe footage shows what appears to be distressing abuseYouTube

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