Push Through Any Struggle Fast (Using the Power of Subconscious Mind)

Push Through Any Struggle Fast  (Using the Power of Subconscious Mind)

When going gets tough for you, you have a source of infinite strength to rely upon Hi, I’m Roman Mironov

This source is your memories of past great achievements Do you have that kind of memories? If yes, please write “Yes” in the comments Otherwise, please write “No” For me, I have this one very powerful memory Back in 2001, I was in college and wanted to go to the US to work in summer

I was enchanted with its scenery and cityscapes after watching action movies So in the fall of 2001, I enrolled in a program The full program cost $1,500 and provided a job contract But there was a cheaper option for $1,200 that required finding a job yourself The difference of $300 might not seem huge to you, but it was big money for me back then

So I borrowed $1,200 from my parents and set out to find a job I didn’t realize I would face tremendous odds First of all, Internet access was scarce back then My dialup modem at home was slow and expensive My college had an Internet room, but it was fully booked all the time

Second, I was able to contact potential employers only online But many companies still relied mainly on offline job applications back then Third, I had no idea how to sell myself to those potential employers Finally, it was just a few months after 9-11, and everyone in the US was suspicious about foreigners Luckily, I didn’t think of these obstacles

On weekdays, after classes, I would try to get into that free Internet access room at my college But it was always crowded So what I realized: there was this other room available to PHD students only So I had to pretend to be one! One day, I went there holding my breath and hoping I didn’t look too young And it worked! Now I had faster Internet

It made a huge difference I would spend three to four hours sending emails and filling out questionnaires every day I was afraid they would find out that I wasn’t a PHD student after all But that never happened After 4 months of doing this day in and day out and reaching hundreds of potential employers, I got nothing

And my deadline was around the corner Literally, just a few days before the deadline, I had a breakthrough A guy from Anchorage, Alaska got back to me His name was John He was very responsive and sent me a job agreement right away

I’m sorry about that act of pretending I did make sure every time, though, that I wasn’t taking someone else’s place And it actually gave me the edge that helped me with this big accomplishment And when I went to Alaska, the experience was absolutely incredible So now I have these empowering memories that I go to whenever I feel resistance in my life

And it gives me tremendous strength to break through that resistance In the words of Dr Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA, the author of 4 books about ADHD: “Sometimes we need to work hard, dig deep, and do something that we don't want to do Remembering the successes of the past can remind us why we are suffering now, what the future benefit will be of sacrifice in the moment This is the north star that pulls us through the difficult times

” Here’s a life hack for you Do you have an experience of breaking through major obstacles? If you don’t, the first step is to create it now And start with something simple If you have binge eating, for example, go on a 24-hour fast to prove yourself that food isn’t important The next step is to revoke the memories of that experience whenever you face resistance

Here’s one way to do it Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths Recall those memories as vividly as possible Engage as many senses as you can: sight, smell, sound, touch, taste Feel them flowing from your heart through your entire body

Feel the certainty that you can push through resistance now as you did back then That’s it! Build a collection of these memories so that you have, like, a bag that you can search through for a memory that you need at the moment Thank you for watching If you're wrestling with a particular challenge in your life, contact me for a consultation I'm a life coach, and I'm here to help

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