How to Work (Way) Less but Accomplish (Way) More in 2020 with Michael Hyatt | BP Podcast 363:

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Will 2020 be your best year ever?

Today’s episode has all the ingredients to determine the answer a big, resonating “Yes! ”

Bestselling author and productivity professional Michael Hyatt is here, and he leader us through how real estate properties investors should approach the year ahead.

You’ll kindnes hearing how Michael’s eliminated virtually everything except his three highest-leverage, revenue-generating tasks; how to steer clear of what he announces “drudgery zone” work; and how to find someone who actually experiences those tasks you can’t stand doing.

And if you’re thinking, “Well, I’m not ready for that yet…” Michael has tips-off for how to get started by delegating time one task.

Michael has written extensively about three topics that touch every real estate investor: productivity( Free to Focus ), goal-setting( Your Best Year Ever ), and delegation( Your World-Class Assistant ). Today, we cover them all in-depth.

So download this bout, make sure you’re subscribed to the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, and start 2020 liberty!

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