Cleaning Habits for a Healthy Home

Cleaning Habits for a Healthy Home

The thought of spending several hours every week doing a big clean in your home can be daunting. This is especially the case if you work full-time out of the home Monday to Friday; come the weekend all you want to do is relax and see friends. But apart from getting in a house cleaner or signing up to a home cleaning services outfit, what you can do is clean and tidy as you go along.

In other words, break up the Big Clean as the week goes on. Little things like folding and putting away your clothes every night – rather than leave them lying on the bedroom floor – saves you time at the end of the week. If they need the wash, put them straight in the basket. Not only does your bedroom look neater for this, but you’ll feel better too because the room won’t look messy and depressing. Cleaning the bath each time you use it takes minutes, but makes you feel better every time you enter the bathroom. It also stops scum building up as the week goes on.

And the best bit about regularly cleaning and tidying as you go along? As professional London cleaners, we have found that it becomes a habit so that you don’t actually notice you’re doing it after a while. The following are some of our other favourite clean-as-you-go tips; ones guaranteed to help reduce the time spent on your weekly Big Clean:

Our favourite ‘ongoing cleaning’ tips:

Buy mats

Save yourself the bother of having to hoover your hallway daily by getting guests to take their shoes off and put them on a mat inside the front or back door. It’s not being rude or ‘precious’ about your carpets, but simply a way of making sure germs and dirt from outside don’t come inside into your lovely clean home (never mind the mess on the carpets caused by mucky shoes).

Keep handles and light switches clean

We’re always being told by health commercials that the easiest way to pick up a cold or other bug is to travel by bus or train. That’s because touching railings or tables is the perfect way to spread germs. And one place in your home that everyone in the family touches, is light switches and door handles. It makes complete housekeeping sense, therefore, to give them a clean with an anti-bacterial wipe on a regular basis.

Get control over germs in the kitchen sink

Home hygiene studies often point out the amount of e-coli that can be found lurking in our kitchen sinks. It’s hardly surprising when you consider all the wasted food that goes down the plug hole and the dirty dishes that get piled up in it. Because of this it’s a good idea to wash and disinfect the sink daily. It doesn’t take long but makes a huge difference to the number of bacteria that’s allowed to build up in there.

Keep kitchen countertops equally clean

Back in the kitchen again, and it’s not only the sink that suffers from bacteria caused by food waste. Our kitchen counter tops are also a haven for germs – especially if we wipe them with a lukewarm cloth, rather than spray with an anti-bacterial cleanser and dry off using a paper towel or a hot cloth (the latter being washed every few days). Make sure too there are no crumbs lying around either on the counter tops or the kitchen floor as this will attract mice.

Get a regular bathroom cleaning regime

Blobs of toothpaste in the sink and speckles of it on the mirror and taps can look incredibly messy. It’s just sensible housekeeping to clean it off every evening before going to bed. Give the bath or shower a quick wipe down after use too and use an antibacterial spray now and again to make sure mould or mildew doesn’t get the chance to gradually take hold. This is especially the case if you’re using a shower curtain – which should be pulled across to air after use).

Declutter on a regular basis

Not strictly a cleaning habit as such as more of a tidying one, decluttering nonetheless can make cleaning easier. The less items you have to move in order to clean, the more likely you are to just get on with your housekeeping duties. It’s easy for clutter to build up, so the more you’re on top of it, the less chance it has to do its worst ie put you off cleaning.

If you’d love to have a healthy and hygienic home but simply don’t have the time or commitment, then why not get in touch with us here at As London’s leading house cleaning services portal, we have a host of professional house cleaners in every area of the city. Take a look online today.

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