‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Friday box office beats most movies’ opening weekends


There’s a bigger box office story to come for Avengers: Infinity War, but for now let’s look at opening day.

Disney guesses a Friday box office total of $106 million in the United States, covering off what started as a record preview execution on Thursday night. It’s the second-largest first day accomplishment ever for a domestic handout, slotting in between two Star Wars movies: The Last Jedi ($ 104 million) and The Force Awakens ($ 119 million ).

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Here’s the stat that will really amaze your head: Only 42 domestic handouts to date have managed to earn more than $106 million across their entire opening weekendsInfinity War deserved more in one day than The Jungle Book( 2016 ), Wonder Woman, and many other Hollywood megahits did in their first three days. Read more …

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