9 best football documentaries to watch on ESPN+ during COVID-19 quarantine

9 best football documentaries to watch on ESPN+ during COVID-19 quarantine

Watch ESPN+ during COVID-19 quarantine

Have you already completed Netflix during coronavirus isolation?

Have you binged on all your favourite podcasts?

If you’re running out of football content to enjoy during these difficult days, ESPN+ is a brilliant place to turn to.


Watch ESPN+ from America or anywhere on the planet

ESPN+ is the new streaming service from the world-famous ESPN. This service is available in America, and costs $4.99 a month.

If you’re outside America, download & install ExpressVPN to access ESPN+.


ESPN+: 30 for 30 football & sports documentaries

In 2009, ESPN began releasing feature documentaries covering a huge array of sport.

That includes a superb catalogue of original films on football.

Many of these films are grouped together in ESPN’s 30 for 30 package.

A breakdown of the 9 best football documentaries worth watching on ESPN+ are as follows.


1) The Two Escobars

An incredible documentary looking into Colombian football.

The film follows the footballing life and death of Andres Escobar together with how Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug lord, used the beautiful game to his advantage in his native Colombia.

2) Maradona ’86

Before Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi there was Diego Maradona

Maradona remains one of the greatest footballers to ever play the game – if not the greatest of all time.

At the 1986 World Cup, Maradona cemented his legacy for eternity.



3) The Opposition

1973, Santiago, Chile. The story of the World Cup qualifier between the South Americans and the Soviet Union.

The harrowing tale of how Augusto Pinochet turned Chile’s national stadium into a concentration camp.


4) Ceasefire Massacre

Just as the Irish football team were peaking at USA ’94, back in Northern Ireland a shocking act of terrorism unfolds as six men are murdered while watching Ray Houghton’s goal against Italy.


5) The Myth of Garrincha

His legs were bent like bananas, however that only added to Garrincha’s popularity.

The story of one of Brazilian football’s greatest ever wingers.



6) Mysteries of the Rimet Trophy

The Jules Rimet Trophy was the original prize for World Cup winners. However, the story of that trophy is remarkable.

Did you know that the Nazis tried to steal to famous gold artefact? This is the story of what happened.



7) Barbosa: The Man who Made Brazil Cry

Before Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany, Brazil’s greatest football heartbreak came against Uruguay at the 1950 World Cup.

Brazil’s goalkeeper in the 1950 World Cup final was Moacir Barbosa, who became a pariah in his own country as he was blamed for the loss against Uruguay.

Learn how the “Maracanazo” left an indelible mark on Brazil.


8) White, Blue and White

A story of split loyalties focusing on Argentine and Tottenham icon Ossie Ardiles.

Ardiles went from being a hero in London to an outcast in his home country after the Falklands War broke out.


9) George Best: All by Himself

Football’s original superstar.

The unbelievable story of Northern Ireland magician and legend George Best.

His journey from Belfast to Manchester United to alcoholism.


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