8K is still just a fantasy

Above everything else, CES is about brand-new TVs. The week we waste in Las Vegas every year is a showcase for the present and the far-off future of residence presentation. CES 2019 was no different, and there’s a great deal that’s got me evoked for the year ahead and beyond. But 8K, the biggest TV direction at CES yet again, still feels like a fantasy that’s not acquiring much progress towards becoming a front room world. The best good of what was on the CES show floor had nothing to do with resolution.

That’s not to say 8K TVs aren’t a real thing. They very much are: you can buy one from Samsung today for around $5,000, and there are plenty of other options. This time at CES 2019, we’ve heard a whole new wave of them from Samsung, Sony, LG, and many other corporations. But the notion that anyone should buy an 8K Tv is exactly sheer idiocy. They’re phenomenal to look at up open, yes, but the stuff you’d actually want to watch — your favorite movies or Netflix/ Amazon Prime demo — exactly isn’t there. Nothing of it. And there’s no real evidence of that changing anytime soon.

Let’s start off by acknowledging that yes, 8K TVs are an incredible technological achievement. When there are 33 million pixels crammed into a spectacle, you can get your face right up inches away from an 88 -inch screen and has been difficult making out individual ones. If 4K opened up a brand-new level of purity, 8K concludes everything feel more like you’re gaping through a opening and not staring at a giant TV screen.