50 Comics About Science From A Non-Scientist


My name is John Sutton. I’m a webcomic craftsman from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

About six years ago, although I’m not a scientist( or even closely related to any scientific arena ), I started choosing comics about a bungling scientist and his robot chum. After fretting my coworkers for weeks with my recent sucks, they suggested that I start posting them online.

After six years, a huge discover bow, and a LOT of self-doubts, I really feel like these comics have come a long way. What I’ve affixed below is some of the funniest comics from the last few years, but if you’d like to see all 550+ comics feel free to check out my website or my social media.

I hope you enjoy!

More info: the-petri-dish.com

Breakroom fridges are the Amazon jungle of the workplace

There are definitely some jiggling things in my fridge, but good-for-nothing moving

Man, that breakroom fridge genuinely necessary cleaning

Is your refrigerator ranging?

This is why Thaddeus doesn’t get invited to countless gatherings

I’m also a chick magnet, but I only allure small-minded fledglings

Actually, bacterial cultures favor hip move

Only Thaddeus could name glass beakers on fire

I recollect I may have dated myself with that Ben Gay reference

He knows too much

Potatos taking over the nations of the world

Man, that is a big potato

Somewhere, a fireman gets a shiver. His dalmatian sobs

The issue was me every time I open my phone

Hopefully the taser was on a low define

If you’re wondering … yes, I just got an instant pan. No, I haven’t positioned my phone in it more, but I kinda want to now

Easy sunny beautiful. Cover lunged


I was dared to realise some’ probe’ puns now, but this is a family comic

Inside joke

Retro virus

No restriction

Enlarged sake

Passing fancy

Nervous newcomers

A McRose by any other call …

Chick magnet

Skip the middle husband

Perterbed induce

Boo? Yah.

Spectacular colloquial

The lowest sort of mood

Fartfix( TM)

I’d preferably be a hammer than a nail

Hypochondriac hardware

How to speak scientist

On one condition

Complicated coffee

It’s not me, it’s you


Middleage Mutant Enigma Girdles

Extorted out

If I knew you were coming I’d have genetically engineered a cake …

This distinguish is octopied

Not so soft drink



Dog disappeared experiment


If I have learnt far it is because I have stood on the shoulders of interns

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