15 Best Meeting Minutes Templates to Save Time

15 Best Meeting Minutes Templates to Save Time

Meetings are an important part of every company’s work process. They ply an opportunity to raise and discuss issues and solve internal troubles. However, sometimes sees can seem like a waste of time. Especially when they drag on and on without any general direction or determination.

Whether you’re holding an online session or actually gather everyone in person, there is a number of tools that can help you save season and construct your fulfills more efficient. One of those tools is a ready-to-download( or reproduce) engagement minutes template. It will assist you impede everyone on the same page with what happened at the last meeting and where you left things off.

Don’t be afraid to volunteer to take times at your company’s next rendezvou. Even if you’ve never done that before. It’s not the easiest task, but you’ll do just fine if you choose the liberty fulfill minutes template in advance.

Find Meeting Hours Templates For Google Docs

Google Docs “ve been a big” pulpit for finding templates for any purposes. In order to find your engagement times templates, you’ll need to sign into your Google Docs account and go to the Template gallery.

1 to 3. Google Docs Meeting Notes Templates

Under the Work section you’ll find a few different templates. The three templates you need are all named Meeting greenbacks. Nonetheless, when you open them, you’ll read they’re more suitable for do minutes rather than personal congregate records.

All three templates are rather similar, with the sections like the meeting’s attendees, schedule, action items, and cavity for additional notations. The main difference between the three is the design. Choose the colour scheme and vogue that you like and you’re all set.

Find Templates For Microsoft Word

For those who prefer using Word over Google Docs for taking notes, have a look at the Microsoft Word templates. You knows where to find them within the app.

When you open a new certificate, category intersect times in the search bar to set them. Depending on which explanation of Word you use, you’ll get a different selection of options.

4. Elegant Meeting Minutes

The Elegant meeting times template is probably the most multi-purpose one of them all. It comes in a elegant counter with many different sections to add items and additional informed on your rally. Plus, it lends a little of colour to it.

5. Formal Meeting Instants

Another option is a template announced Formal meeting hours. It comes with the same selection of sections and a infinite to add extra records about your session.

6. Informal Meeting Times

Word also offers a template announced Informal meeting hours. As the word expresses, it has a more informal style and will be more suitable for smaller crews and gathers.

Between these three templates you can choose the one that examines best to you while also corresponding with your goals.

7. Basic Meeting Minutes

You can also find templates for Word on third-party locates. For instance, download one of the two major free templates from Vertex4 2. First one is a basic option( on the left side in the picture below) with just a few cases segments. Probably better for big unit meetings.

8. Detailed Meeting Minutes

Vertex4 2 also offers a detailed meeting instants template. It comes with more segments completed in like the epithet of the person calling the gratify, the timekeeper, session kind etc.

Acquisition Templates For Microsoft Word Online

If you prefer using the free Microsoft Word Online version, you’ll find even more meeting minutes templates available on the locate.

You’ll find them under Minutes when browsing through the Templates division.

9. Classic Meeting Minutes

We recommend apply the Classic meeting minutes template. It has almost every possible detail included, so you won’t have to add anything manually. Simply download it and fill in the information as your assemble becomes.

However, it’s definitely more suitable for official and formal meetings, as it even has a place for the rally secretary to sign your minutes.

10. Satisfying Mentions

In case you’re looking for something more basic or informal, go for a cleaner option titled Meeting memoes.

11. Double Stripe Meeting Minutes

For when you get tired of the plain and simple, the area offers a few different templates that are seemingly more creative with colour and vogue. One of the more creative-looking ones is a Double Stripe Meeting Minutes template. There’s even a special slot to add your company’s logo.

These templates are more customizable, but probably not huge for when you just want to download an all-ready form completed in as “theres going”.

Find Templates For Microsoft OneNote

If you’re utilize Microsoft OneNote, you can use the meeting minutes templates that the app offers. You can choose the option that suits your goals best, or the one that has a more appealing design.

In order to find these templates, sounds Insert on the upper left sailing menu. Then select Page Templates on the right side.

12. Informal Meeting Note

Unless you’re looking for the absolute basic template with the minimum sum of sections( Simple Meeting Record 1& 2 ), check out the template announced Informal Meeting Notes. It’s rather simple and straight-forward, but has all the necessary regions to hold a meeting within a small or medium-sized team.

13. Formal Meeting Tone

If you’re working in a bigger company, preferred the Formal Meeting Notes instead.

The added parts here include bulletins, action items, and other session items.

Formal meeting notes also has segments where you can summarize opening and closing of the meeting, pending publications, and approbations. Building that template more suitable for official upper-level cross.

Find Templates For Evernote

You might once be using Evernote as a project management app. But it’s also great for taken due note and capturing minutes. And it comes with its own meeting hours templates.

14. Assembling Agenda Standard

Unlike OneNote, templates here aren’t built-in and you’ll need to download them from the Evernote support website. The first template that deserves your attention is called Meeting Agenda Standard.

This one is great for both making instants and putting together your future meeting’s agenda.

The standard template is very basic and only including the three parts for schedule , observes, and action items. Suitable for a speedy fit or a draw of a small team.

15. Convene Agenda Expanded

Meeting Agenda Expanded is more detailed. It comes with pretty much all the sections you need to capture meeting minutes, including congregate details, purpose and outcome, as well as agenda items. Both templates have a clean look and are easy to customize.

Take Your Meetings to the Next Level

No matter which note-taking app you use, all of them come with a number of handy templates that can help you save day and draw your convenes more efficient.

In case you can’t find the template you miss within the app, there are always countless third-party options that you can choose from.

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